New Gujarat Pattern Yojna

Under this yojna, tribal sub plan, Chhotaudepur provides the grant for tribal talukas like Bodeli, Chhota udepur, Jetpur pavi, Kawant, Naswadi and Sankheda.

The grant amount was allotted under the Head of 2404-Dairy Vikas for Purak Pashu Ahar & 2425-Sahkar for Stainless Steel Can in Tribal Area.

Project Status of  FY: 2021-22
Particulars Head No. of Units Grant Alloted Rs. % of subsidy
Purak Pashu Aahar(spil Over) 2404 1008 3,62,680.00 100%
Purak Pashu Aahar 2404 3956 11,50,000.00 100%
S.S.CAN (Spil Over Grant) 2425 437 7,64,500.00 50%
Total Grant Utilized in Rs. 16‚57‚000.00

DMS -1 Scheme :

It is a state Government plan under which milk producers and village dairy society gets Government subsidy to strengthen the infrastructure like construction of DudhGhar, Godown,  BMC, AMCS, MADM, Milking machine, Chaff cutter and for cattle feed for pregnant animals.

Project Status of F.Y.- 2021-22
Particulars Physical Achievement GOG Grant Utilized Rs. in Lakh
Dudhghar 11 24.50
Godown 2 3.50
MADM 0 0
AMCS 0 0
Cattle feed 10357 245.73
BMC 0 0
Milking Machine 0 0
Total Grant Utilized in Lakh 273.73

Scheme of providing assistance for establishment of farm of 12 milch animal with purpose of employment generation through Animal Husbandry activity From FY 2018-19:

Government of Gujarat has launched scheme of employment generation through Animal Husbandry by providing assistance for establishment of Dairy farm unit with 12 milch animals from the Year: 2018-19. This scheme is being implemented by our milk union.

Status of Scheme from FY: 2018-19 to 2021-22
Year No. of Beneficiaries No. of “12 milch animal” farm established GOG Grant Utilized
(Rs. In Lakh)
2018-19 58 58 205.08
2019-20 17 17 49.22
2020-21 18 18 40.72
2021-22 2 2 4.88