Work Area Profile

In today’s scenario, the Union has taken up projects for increasing milk production per animal by progeny testing scheme, artificial insemination scheme and is also furthering efforts in order to reduce the expenditure on milk production.

With the idea of development of farmers in mind it conducts various self-leadership programs like VMS, women’s leadership programs and also projects for educating farmers about hygienic milk production.

In order to earn it member’s trust and to ensure transparency in the system, the Union with the help of Modern Techniques has set up automatic milk collection machines as well as milk tester machines and bulk chilling units.

To keep up the health standard of the member’s cattle, there are seven veterinary centres established at various places in the district. Animals are treated at these centres.

In the beginning, milk bought from the farm established at Kamrol of  Waghodia Taluka was sold in vadodara City, Then the 1st 7 village societies of the district were set up in Padra Taluka and by 1965 milk collected from 121 village societies was sold in the cities.

Gradually, the farmers started availing of scientific techniques of animal husbandry and vet medical treatment for their cattle. To encourage these ways the Union has come up with various activities like Pashudhan, Vet treatment, scientifically raised cattle distributed amongst the farmers, giving loans through the Mahila Bank for buying animals, transportation and medical facilities, artificial insemination etc. With the implementation of these activities animal husbandry has been developed well. Government scheme for increasing milk production is implemented for the farmer members of the union.