Comprehensive Support and Resources for Animal Health and Breeding

Every month the report of work done by our artificial insemination technicians are submitted here in office & the meeting with all these A.I. technicians is arranged for review for further development & the Semen Doses & other required materials for artificial insemination along with first aid medicines are distributed to A.I.Technicians on same day. Also Liquid Nitrogen which is used for the storage of semen doses is distributed at DCS level by the person of our department with our vehicle at no cost for them. We are providing first aid medicines for the members of our DCS with 50% subsidy.

Sr.No Particulars 2022-23
1 No. of A.I.Centers 331
2 No. of DCS Covered 1243
3 No. of A.I. Cases 2,50,813
Sr.No Particulars 2022-23
1 No. of Veterinary Centers 5
2 No. of First Aid Centers 537
3 No. of Animals Treated 2,01,221
4 No. of Vaccination Cases 3,38,671
5 No. of Animals Dewormed 3,60,915

Our Veterinary Department have been utilizing dairy portal system & SAP system combination for A to Z activities of Special Visits like from registration of Sp.Visits by simply a miss call from the concerned persons of the district cooperative societies up to entries of the case papers along with medicines used after completion of the Special Visit. For this portal system, a mobile app has been created & all the veterinary doctors have been provided with smart phones by which they do communicate with concerned persons & after attending special visits, the case papers entries with treatment details are directly entered in the portal system by smart mobile phones.

Our Special Visit Registration Analysis on the basis of time of registration.

Timings % Registered (2022-23)
From 6 to 12.59 185868 (92.37 %)
From 13 to 17.59 11475 (5.70 %)
From 18 to 5.59 3878 (1.93 %)