• Cattle feed plant established in 1978 at itola 14 km from vadodara. With a view to provide balance & nutritive food to milk producers at a reasonable price.
  • The capacity of the plant was 100 tpd at that time.
  • The capacity increased 140 tpd in 1998 to meet the requirement of the dcs.
  • In 2002-2003 NDDB & CSIRO/ACIAR(Australia) established by-pass protein plant at our site.
  • The capacity of the by-pass protein plant is 400 mt per month.
  • We are producing two type of feed.
    1. Normal Feed (ISI Type II) in 50 KG & 25 KG pack
    2. By-Pass protein feed in 25 kg pack.
  • The annual production of the plant is 27000 mt including by-pass.