At the pre-stage, our union had started selling loose milk in cans as per the demand of the consumers. After 1970 it earned the faith of its consumers. The dairy selling the milk as whole and toned in 500 ml and 200 ml bottles respectively. It also established its own bottling plant. Since 1979 milk is distributed in polythene pouches and other dairy products have also been made available to consumers. Milk was distributed at specific units and with the expansion of Vadodara City. With passage of time these units were also increased. Meanwhile, for the benefit of travelers and consumers several milk vending booth and milk bars were also established at important points of the city. i.e. Dairy gate, Suryanarayan baug, Sayajibaug, Railway station etc.

Like vadodara city some nearby Taluka towns like Padra, Karjan, Dabhoi & Savli , Bodeli, and Chhota Udepur have also been included into the distribution network to satisfy the customers of these towns. The demand for the products of Baroda Dairy is on the rise in the city as Baroda Dairy has always maintained its high standard of quality and ensured adequate supply from the vary start. In recent years Baroda Dairy has developed its products keeping in mind the necessities of its consumers and thus earned well deserved reputation and the faith if its customers. For this purpose it has also planned a lot of consumer- oriented programs. Today, BD sells 4,10,000 ltrs of milk per day. To expand this consumer base a door – to – door campaign was taken up which explained to the consumers about the exploitative techniques of the private dairies and the comparative better quality of the products of BD. The information was also given to school students about the co-op movement and the nutritional value of the products is provides. The housewives of the city were invited to visit the dairy plant and thus informed about the hygiene factor and the quality and availability of the milk & milk products.

Today, The distribution system comprises of milk distribution units (centers), full time centers, Parlours, Taluka centers and milk bars which cater to the needs of the customers.

Committed to the needs and demands of consumer’s products like Jeera Chhas , Ghee made from cow’s milk, Low fat milk, White butter, Cream, Matho (Mango , Butter Scotch), Masti Dahi, Lassi, Variety of Ice-cream, Kulfi, Thick Shake softy etc. have been developed and some partial Milk products & sweets as Malai Peda, Pizza , Kaju Katri, Rasogolla, Kopra paak, etc. Also made available to the customers.